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Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
The condensation present in the compressed air pipe work is cause of: increase wear and corrosion within the pneumatic equipment used, higher running expenses and damaged to machinery.
Faulty of spoilt products, lower quality, higher costs of spare parts and loss of production for repair work are the consequences.
Compressed Air Filters
Compressed air used in industrial pneumatic equipment contains in oen cubic meter more than one 100 million of polluting particles; most of these particles are so small in dimension (less than 2 micron) that cannot be intercepted by a standard inlet air filters installed in the compressors.
The condensate found in compressed air systems presents a particularly hazardous environmental problem. One liter of oil contained in the compensate if interred into the system can pollute 300 cubics meters of water.
The most effective and economical method of separating harmful oil from water and to comply with environmental regulations is to employ our water/oil condensate separator.